Kaia Roman

Bestselling Author, Mindfulness Instructor, & Psychedelic Entrepreneur, Documentary Producer
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Kaia is the bestselling author of The Joy Plan, a practical guide to the neuroscience of joy, which was featured on the TODAY Show as the inspiration for the hosts’ week-long “complaint cleanse.”

Inspired by her personal healing experiences with psychedelic medicine, Kaia is merging 20 years of brand experience work in Silicon Valley (for clients such as Google, Twilio, and Doctor on Demand) with her neuroscience and mindfulness research and training to bring the profound healing capabilities of these medicines to as many people as possible.

Kaia works with cutting-edge companies and thought leaders in the emerging psychedelic industry and is also a sought-after mindfulness instructor and psychedelic guide for some of Silicon Valley‘s most influential leaders. She taught mindfulness in an elementary school for five years, using the same techniques she uses for CEOs.

Kaia is also an accomplished film producer, currently working on the upcoming documentary, Frequency: The Future of Everything, which features scientific pioneers Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce H. Lipton, Gregg Braden, Nassim Haramein, and more.

Kaia’s popular blog on mindbodygreen explores how humans connect, heal, and flourish, offering science-backed tips for biohacking joy. Her work has been covered extensively in the media, including recent features in Forbes, Vogue, and LA Times Magazine.

Kaia is a regular presenter, panel member, and moderator at conferences and events, providing attendees with practical tools and exercises they can use right away.

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