Kelly Coulter

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Founder, Slo Farms
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Kelly Coulter is a writer, environmentalist, advocate and Founder of Slo Farms, a future regenerative cannabis and forest food garden. In 2010 Kelly joined NORML Canada as the National Campaign Director and was the first woman Board member. She later co-founded the NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada which was credited with convincing Justin Trudeau to legalize cannabis. Her focus as a writer and advocate has always been the environmental impacts of prohibited cannabis cultivation and the potential for positive environmental impacts in a legal paradigm. Kelly has contributed to The Hill Times, BBC, Globe and Mail, Leafly, High Times, Canlio and LIFT. Her most recent article “Slow Cannabis” appears in Her(b) Life magazine. Kelly is on the advisory for the British Columbia Micro Licence Association, Craft Cannabis Association of BC and Sun +  Earth Certified. Kelly currently works with an international team conducting “Back to the Garden” workshops for future women cannabis farmers focused on ethical farming and business practices.  

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