Kieley Beaudry

Edmonton, AB, Canada
CEO, Parkland Flower
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Kieley has consumed cannabis for 28 years and entered the medical cannabis space in 2012 via a family member where she began making various products to treat their cancer. She entered the legal space in 2017 and began the plans to build a micro-cultivation. She, along with her business partner and Master Grower Dustan McLean, co-founded Parkland Flower, Alberta’s 9th micro licence holder and 1st to sell directly to the province of Alberta. Together they were growing cannabis and making products for medical patients up until licencing. She then founded the Alberta Cannabis Micro Licence Association, where she is a fierce advocate for small producers. Parkland Flower focuses on breeding cannabis seeds for home growers and medical patients and runs boutique breeding programs for other LPs.

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