Lisa MacNeil

Burlington, ON, Canada
Head of Operations, Bloomera
Speaker Year | 2018

Lisa MacNeil is currently the head of operations for Bloomera, a federally licensed cannabis producer with Ravenquest BioMed. Ravenquest BioMed is multi-disciplined company with capabilities in finance, consulting, partnership and products specific to the cannabis industry. Lisa has over 15 years of experience in sales, training, customer service in cannabis, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods. Over the past 5 years, her focus has been establishing and developing programs to increase availability of medication and ensuring adherence and compliance for patients. She optimized the patient journey by creating teams of nurses, reimbursement specialists, and customer service to assist patients, their families and healthcare providers to streamline registration processes, create financial assistance programs, and education. Lisa’s initiatives have supported over 100,000 patients and their families to obtain medication.

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