Matthew Jerome

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Founder and Chief Consultant , Meristem Cannabis Consulting
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Matthew Jerome is the Founder and Chief Consultant at Meristem Cannabis Consulting and is Canada’s first fully certified Ganjier. Matt has over 15 years experience in the cannabis field and began his journey in early 2007 as a medicinal patient+designated grower as well as advocate. In 2011 he branched out and began his career as an educator and medicinal/craft consultant in the legacy market until pre-legalization, during which he worked as a policy advisor and patient care coordinator for various licensed producers. During this time however, Matt noticed some serious gaps in the narrative and found himself thoroughly disappointed at the lack of attention being dedicated to the medical cannabis community on the road to legalization and decided to do something about it.

In 2019 Matt founded Meristem Cannabis Consulting with a dedicated goal in mind to represent the medicinal community the way they deserved to be, and to make sure that those who were unable to fight for themselves were never left out of the conversation. Matt has worked with grow teams and patient care programs across Canada and the US, and has provided numerous group information sessions, how-to seminars, and personalized one-on-one consultations on all aspects of cannabis practices and methodologies. Matt has also been a vocal cannabis advocate for over a decade and has been featured as a key-note speaker at several cannabis events and competitions across the globe, and was recently asked by the CFL to give a presentation on the medicinal benefits of cannabis to their board of directors.
As Canada’s first certified Ganjier, Matt offers one-of-a-kind systematic cannabis assessments to growers and breeders of all types, with a goal to educate and advise companies and individuals within the industry on the importance of quality management within the supply chain, as well as provide confidence when it comes to quality related decisions. Matt is a graduate with honours from the award winning NACPT – Industrial Cannabis Production program and is a certified Master Grower and EU-GMP specialist and has worked as a former director of sales/patient-care, operations manager, kinesiologist/occupational therapist, as well as a hydronic specialist, and has been using his varied expertise to design and consult for medicinal and recreational growers for years. 

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