Meris Kott

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CEO, Redfund Capital Corp
Speaker Year | Vancouver 2018

Meris’ background is in investment banking & financial consultancy with a focus on targeting IT companies for investment and acquisition purposes for large multinational corporations. Meris started her European experience in The Netherlands in 1983 working for an International Venture Group. In 1985, she moved to the United States where she worked for an American Investment Bank that specialized in funding emerging growth companies. She acted as an advisor to European software companies interested in doing business in America.

Today, she is CEO of Redfund Capital Corp. a disruptive medical cannabis incubator and accelerator providing debt to medical cannabis, CBD, and hemp companies who want to grow their business without giving away their equity stake prematurely.

She is also a managing partner at Ludgate Hill Partners, and works as a business development specialist for start-up companies. The firm targets acquisitions to build, finance and nurture into global footprints whether through private funding, public vehicles or direct acquisitions.

Meris’ main focus is helping create bridges between companies and people. She has continued providing global bridges for public companies for 25 years and she believes all companies should create global footprints. Going Global has been her mantra forever. She has a degree in Economics from McGill University in Montreal.

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