Phil Kwong

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Founder, 3 Carbon Extractions
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019 | Vancouver 2018

Philip Kwong is an entrepreneur and community-builder who works across a variety of emerging industries from cannabis extraction research and development technologies to building globally networked multi-vendor mobile digital marketplaces for non-profit groups and other social enterprises.

His passion for innovation and change drives him to develop and design businesses that can transform people’s lives.

Philip is driven to create these new businesses because his own life was recently transformed by Multiple Sclerosis and he is determined to find new ways to help himself and other people affected by the disease.

The first MS attack affected both of Philip’s eyes and he was diagnosed with Remitting-Relapse MS (RRMS).

He gained back most of his sight but these attacks left him with permanent scarring on both his optic nerves resulting in distorted vision.

This is when Philip began experimenting with Cannabis concentrates as a way of developing new methods for symptom relief.

These experiments lead to a product that provided relief and helped to better improve his vision.  From there Philip founded 3 Carbon Extractions, an extraction, research, and technology company that is focused on finding a cannabis-based solution to help MS patients.

Philip and 3 Carbon Extractions have an exclusive Canadian partnership with ExtractionTek Solutions Inc. (ETS), a Colorado-based hydrocarbon equipment manufacturer for the cannabis industry.

Philip lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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