Phil Kwong

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Founder, 3 Carbon Extractions
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020 | Toronto 2022

Inspired by his own health, Philip Kwong has been determined to find new ways to help MS patients after he received a diagnosis at the age of 23.  Which subsequently created a relationship with cannabis and charted the course of his career.

After many pharmaceutical trials, Philip began experimenting with cannabis concentrates as a way of developing new methods for symptom relief.  These experiments led to a product that helped to improve the day-to-day side effect of his MS.

With the desire to provide access to a more natural alternative that could reduce the number of pharmaceutical drugs, increase the quality of life and reduce symptom relapse, Philip found 3 Carbon Extractions Inc.  A company based in British Columbia, Canada, creating an industry solution for healthy, compliant and safe extraction.

Philip is an entrepreneur and community-builder who has worked across a variety of emerging industries from cannabis extraction, and research and development technologies to building globally networked multi-vendor mobile digital marketplaces for non-profit groups and other social enterprises.

His passion for innovation and change drives him to develop and design businesses that can transform people’s lives.

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