Rahim Dhalla Pharm.D, MBA

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Owner and Founder, Hybrid Pharm
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Rahim Dhalla graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences (MCPHS) in 2009 with a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. After working in the community retail setting for 3 years at various locations, Rahim returned to school to complete an MBA at Bryant University in Rhode Island. Upon completion, Rahim migrated back to his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario to take over the family run pharmacy business. However, in 2016, his father was diagnosed with cancer and sold his pharmacy practice. After thorough research, Rahim started his father on cannabis oils to help combat his chemotherapy symptoms. Unfortunately, he passed away in late 2016 due to the progression of the disease. It was through this experience that Rahim’s vision became clear: to help patients improve their overall quality of life utilizing a hybrid of traditional and non-traditional medicines.

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