Robert Selna

Oakland, CA, USA
Cannabis Practice Group Chair and Attorney, Wendel Rosen Black & Dean
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

As chair of the Cannabis Practice Group at the Oakland, California-based law firm Wendel Rosen, Robert Selna represents cannabis clients in everything from licensing and real estate transactions to mergers and acquisitions, as well as litigation. A champion of the industry statewide, from his Bay Area office he practices throughout California, representing businesses from Humboldt to San Diego. The firm’s Canadian clients have included companies seeking to acquire California operators.

As a powerful voice in the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry, Selna is frequently interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle and other media outlets to help untangle complex issues surrounding federal, state and local laws. Because of his position in the industry, Selna has been tapped by businesses statewide to combat unconstitutional ballot measures and ordinances that could hinder commercial cannabis.

Among Selna’s clients are the largest contract manufacturer of extracted products in the state, the largest indoor grow operation in Northern California, and a distribution company that services approximately 90 percent of licensed retail stores in the state. He provides these clients and others with invaluable guidance, from coordinating licensure, negotiating leases and other business contracts, and performing due diligence on behalf of investors. Currently, he is negotiating a lease deal for a multi-tenant cannabis operation in a city-owned building, which is one, if not the only, lease of its type in the state.

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