Ryan VandenBussche

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Former NHL Player, Athletes for Care
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

In his former life as a professional hockey player, Ryan VandenBussche learned two valuable lessons: the importance of team work, and the physical cost of being an athlete. Now, as founder and President of innovative medical cannabis companyNew Leaf Canada Inc, Ryan will be applying those lessons to an exciting new sponsorship project that aims to bring alternative health and wellness solutions to both athletes and millions of pain sufferers world-wide.


Through his company New Leaf Canada Inc, Ryan is teaming up as founding sponsor of the newly-established Canadian arm of Athletes for Care (A4C) as part of their global expansion. Founded by former pro athletes, A4C is a non-profit organization that unites athletes as one voice to advocate for research, education and compassion when addressing important health issues. Having suffered through multiple concussions and undergone more than a dozen surgeries, Ryan experienced first-hand the detrimental effects that traditional pain management such as opioids can have on your physical and mental well-being. In 2010, Ryan was able to transition from this addictive treatment regime through use of medical cannabis, and he credits this for the complete turn-around of his physical health and mental well-being post hockey.


Through the exclusive sponsorship provided by New Leaf Canada Inc, Ryan and his team will bring the same passionate voice to supporting Athletes for Care Canada in a joint effort to improve the health & wellness of millions of people dealing with a multitude of ailments. With a focus on research and development, education programs and advocacy, Ryan will serve as a vocal proponent of using alternative pain medications for not only current and former athletes but for all individuals who could benefit directly from the use of medicinal cannabis.

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