Sabrina Ramkellawan

, , Canada
Vice President, of Clinical Affairs at TerrAscend Corp; President, Clinical Research Association of Canada, Founder & CEO, Canadian Institute for Medical Advancement
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Sabrina Ramkellawan has a nursing background and has been working in clinical research for more than 15 years which has included conducting clinical trials to bring new drugs, treatments and devices to market. She has worked in the cannabis industry for 4.5 years with a focus on cannabis research and education. She helped set up a cannabis clinic in which she was responsible for overseeing all aspects including patient education and conducting cannabis research studies. Sabrina has conducted many educational talks on medical cannabis with hospitals, at conferences, and to physicians, nurses and pharmacists. Sabrina developed a cannabis education webinar series for Michener Institute of Education at UHN and is currently developing the first full time cannabis educator program that will be an accredited through the Ministry of Health. In 2017, she founded the Canadian Institute for Medical Advancement where she and her research team helped a number of cannabis companies with the conduct of cannabis research studies and the development of education. Sabrina is currently the Vice President of Clinical Affairs at TerrAscend which is a biopharmaceutical and wellness company committed to quality products, brands and services for the global cannabinoid market. She also serves as the President of a non-profit organization called the Clinical Research Association of Canada which provides a forum for educational events to support and communicate the great talent and research innovation in Canada. Her non-profit has conducted educational events highlighting cannabis research as well.

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