Sabrina Ramkellawan

Toronto, ON, Canada
President, Clinical Research Association of Canada
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019 | Toronto 2022

Sabrina Ramkellawan (She/Her), COO and Co-Founder of Knowde Group, Board of Directors at MAPS Canada, President of Clinical Research Association of Canada.

In her current role as COO and Co-Founder at Knowde Group Inc. she helps psychedelic and cannabis companies manage clinical trials, support specialty medical clinic development and strategic consulting. During the last year she has been the Research Committee Lead at MAPS Canada and is currently on the Board of Directors, MAPS Canada. Sabrina was previously a critical care registered nurse with 20+ years of experience conducting clinical trials in pharma, medical devices, natural health products and plant-based therapeutics including cannabinoid products. She has held positions at or advised some top pharmaceutical, cannabis, psychedelic, and research companies. She has conducted a number of cannabis clinical research studies including Chronic pain, PTSD, Post Concussion, and Phase 1-3 clinical trials. Sabrina is passionate about education and has helped to build and teaches the Cannabis Education Program at Michener Institute of Education at the University Health Network (UHN). She has been and continues to be a speaker in the area of research, plant-based medicine and psychedelic research. Prior to her role at Knowde Group, she was the VP of Clinical Affairs at TerrAscend which is an MSO licensed producer. In her role as Chief Operating Officer at Knowde Group, she is focused on all operational aspects of conducting research specializing in plant-based therapeutics and psychedelics. In addition, Sabrina runs a non-profit called Clinical Research Association of Canada that provides certification and education for researchers.

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