Shannon Ross

Nelson, BC, Canada
Cannabis Business Transition Advisor, Community Futures Central Kootenay
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020

Shannon Ross is a cannabis advisor at Community Futures Central Kootenay, in the heart of Canada’s legacy cannabis culture in Nelson, BC. She has twenty years’ experience working in the cannabis industry and managing commercial organic farms. She is particularly passionate about sustainable agricultural practices, helping cannabis facilities improve production, reduce input costs and increasing profits, while caring for the long term health of people and the planet.

 Shannon and her team provide licensing and business planning support for the cannabis industry in the Kootenay’s. She is an advocate for the craft industry and the region’s cultivators, recognizing the area’s unique culture, knowledge base and history. Shannon has been working in the field of health and wellness since graduating as a herbalist from Douglas College in 1997. She has extensive knowledge of organic farming and local food systems, and envisions the holistic use of the plant as fiber, food and medicine, free from the stigma created by prohibition.

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