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December 9, 2018
Cannabis Meets Healthcare / Exhibitor Load-in

December 10-11, 2018

Main Conference & Expo

Parq Vancouver Casino and Resort
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Srinivas Reddy

Montreal, QC, Canada
CEO, PhytoteQ

Srinivas Reddy (Srini), CEO PhytoteQ innovations, partnered and served as scientific director in cannabis companies in Canada. He believes greatly on impact of science and technology on present and future of cannabis and other controlled environmental crops. His company focus on scientifically optimized solutions for the pre-and post- harvest technologies to be innovative in quality, quantity, and product development. Design, construction, and implementation of a grow facility specifically required for the plant life cycle and it’s requirements for various purpose of production. His childhood experience, cannabis used as pain killer and stress healing medication in remote villages where there is no proper medical facilities for farmers and workers. His curiosity to understand the effect of cannabinoids on human body started then and lead him to obtain two PhD level and two master level graduate and post graduate degrees in Plant biotechnology, genetics, phyto-biochemistry (India), Plant metabolism and nutrient engineering (South Korea), Cancer Research (UdM, Montreal), Controlled environmental agriculture (McGill University, Montreal). He worked as scientific director and scientific manager in India. Approximately 12 years of experience in understanding the effect of controlled environment, genetics, geographical variation on plant genotypic and phenotypic expressions (secondary metabolites), pre and post-harvest technology impact on plants made him to contribute to the valuable growing cannabis and controlled environmental agriculture industry. He owns patent on effect of supplemental lighting on the secondary metabolites, quality and quantity of plants grown in controlled environment. He believes in being novelty, quality in research and development and implementing the right technology on right time will differentiate with other people.

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Srinivas Reddy

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