Srinivas Reddy

Montreal, QC, Canada
CEO, Phytoteq
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019 | Vancouver 2018

The concept of plants talking to building need understanding between the plant behavior, physiology, biochemical pathways, purpose and knowledge of tissue culture, genetic behavior on phenotype and genotype, its terphane and cannbinoid profiles in a environment of growing system. These system will be influenced by biotic and abiotic factors. The regulation of perfect understanding of plant growing environment vs the intention/aim/ goal of the plant growing will fetch millions of dollars over the period of few months. The advantages of this is to produce the targeted compounds of interest to produce for the different purpose. Our company team’s intensive knowledge in understanding the plants and its environmental requirement enable to  play with the targeted secondary metabolites with quality and quantity driven protocols. The optimization of pre-harvesting technology will lead to the easy processing and formulation of post-harvesting technologies in cannabis and other commercially and medicinally important crops.

Phytoteq Innovations, started with great vision of bringing innovations in controlled environment and the different commercial crops grown and modified for the purpose of bio-pharma, food, medical, and various reasons.