Tamara Lilien

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Founder, CannaLily Consulting
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Coming from a 14 year background in Palliative Care, Tamara has a keen understanding of gaps that exist in the health care system.  After experiencing the medical benefits of cannabis firsthand, she transitioned into a career in Cannabis Education and Consulting.  Tamara believes strongly that all Canadians deserve easy access to cannabis and associated resources for both medical and recreational purposes.

As one of less than 10,000 people worldwide to hold a Cannabis Sommelier Certification, Tamara was selected from 25,000 applicants to serve on AHLOT’S Cannabis Curation Committee (ahlot.com/ccc).  To enhance her current certifications, she will be taking the Cannabis Educator for Health Care Professionals course offered by Michener Institute and UHN in early 2020.  Tamara works as a career coach for the Cannabis Career Network, regularly speaks at cannabis events and on panels, facilitates educational workshops, hosts exclusive sommelier experiences and theme-parties, and is the founder of CannaLily Consulting (cannalily.ca).

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