Tania Cyalume

Toronto, ON, Canada
Bloom High Tea Social Club
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Tania  Cyalume achieved a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry which helped propel her into the cannabis industry.  In 2008, Cyalume slipped on ice and resulted in degenerative lumbar disease.  Since she was always an advocate for natural medicine, she became a medical cannabis patient shortly after the accident.   She quickly realized that eating cannabis infused edibles was far more effective than smoking it so she began making vegan gluten free edibles for herself.   This was such a niche market at the time that through word of mouth she started a bakery called CannaLove Medibles.  She later worked in cannabis consultations with a focus on laboratory and technical writing.  She also owned and operated a female run dispensary called Queens of Cannabis for one year.  Once Queens closed in 2017 Cyalume launched Bloom High Tea Social club, a pop-up dispensary that she hopes to one day evolve into a social club for cannabis enthusiasts.

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