Tanner Stewart

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Founder & CEO, Stewart Farms
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020 | Toronto 2022

Tanner has three personal mantras that guide his decisions.

“No margin? No mission.”

“Turn waste streams into revenue streams.”

“Sustainability should mean lower COGS.”

He is an impassioned believer that the processes of our agriculture & manufacturing will dictate the wellness and the sustainability of our future. For almost a decade, he has been an advocate for, and entrepreneur in, the vertical farming and aquaponics industry. His passion for sustainable agriculture led him to become an executive producer of an award-winning environmental documentary, about the importance of living soil to the world, called: “The Need To GROW.”

His deep passion for the health, wellness, sustainable, and regenerative farming industries has culminated in the founding of Stewart Farms.

Today he is leading his namesake agtech & CPG company, Stewart Farms, to the forefront of cannabis-based wellness and craft flower in the Canadian market. Since beginning operations back in 4-20-2020, Stewart Farms has launched over a dozen SKU’s in the topicals category and about the same in craft flower. With over twenty in market SKUS across the Yukon, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland, Stewart Farms is fast gaining traction and market share. 

Stewart Farms was the first company to launch infused bath bombs in most Canadian markets. Due to the quality and experience built into the product, the Stewart Farms line of infused bath bombs is among, if not the most popular topical in Canada.


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