Tim Cullen

CEO, Colorado Harvest Company
Speaker Year | 2017

Tim Cullen is CEO and co-owner of three Colorado Harvest Company retail cannabis shops; as well as a partner in Organa Brands, parent company of the leading cannabis oil production company, Organa Labs, and national best-selling personal vaporizer brand, O.penVAPE. Tim graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Colorado State University, earned his teaching license from Fort Lewis College, and received a master’s degree in sports and exercise physiology from the University of Northern Colorado. Tim spent 10 years as a high school biology teacher. In 2000, Tim’s father was diagnosed with an illness for which cannabis is indicated to provide relief. Several years later Tim was given the same prognosis. He turned to cultivating cannabis, an avenue that combined his love of science with an alternative to the conventional medications he was being prescribed.

Tim founded Colorado Harvest Company in 2009. Tim is an expert in botany, production projections, nutrient cycles, and cultivation techniques. In addition, Tim brings a wealth of retail cannabis knowledge, along with legal perspective, compliance experience, and development of product inventory tracking and control systems. He applies this experience to benefit the industry as a member of the board of directors of the Marijuana Industry Group. He represents the cannabis industry as a member of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Private Advisory Committee. He is a board member and founding benefactor of Denver’s Levitt Pavilion, a concert venue scheduled to open in 2017 in Ruby Hill Park that will bring 50 free concerts each year to the neighborhood where he does business.


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