Unity Marguerite Whittaker

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Curator & Bloomer, Village Bloomery
Speaker Year | Toronto 2019

Unity Whittaker is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of BlyssCloud, an independent media platform normalizing consumption with educational experiences on higher understanding of modern cannabis. She’s one half of cobb & unity, the he said/she said of cannabis podcasts sharing the local BC and Canadian cannabis community with you.

Unity’s a writer, photographer and creator of cannabis style guides. Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, Georgia Strait, Her(b) Life and BlyssCloud.

She entered the cannabis sector from the fashion industry where she was a buyer and founder of a home décor business in Vancouver.

She’s well versed in stylish and quality cannabis accessories; legal, safe and respectful cannabis consumption; and, her ability to infuse designer items to a cannabis ritual is a unique perspective which enriches the consumption experience for the sophisticated.

She holds a BA (Honours) from the University of Victoria.

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