Wendy Forwell

Kitchener, ON, Canada
CEO, Cannabis Hotels
Speaker Year | Toronto 2020

Wendy Forwell is a trailblazer in cannabis tourism, she recently founded and is CEO of Cannabis Hotels, a complete cannabis-friendly travel advisory, visit Hotelscannabis.com. Recreational users are ready for the budding industry of Cannabis Tourism. Cannabis Hotels is the single best source for travellers planning a cannabis-friendly trip. These travellers need information about cannabis-friendly accommodations, tours, retail, experiences and events. Tourists want to know where to safely purchase and use quality product. The Cannabis Hotels website is easy and intuitive, visitors simply type in the destination and the they will have tourism options and detailed information by region including travel guides with maps, online photos and reviews from other travellers.

Wendy brings 25 years of leadership experience in the technology business development industry. Her passion of travel and cannabis led to the start-up of Cannabis Hotels in October of 2018.

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