Zappy Zapolin

Futurist, Entrepreneur, and Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Filmmaker
Speaker Year | Toronto 2022

Zappy Zapolin is a well-known futurist, entrepreneur, and award-winning documentary filmmaker who is dedicated the the expansion of human consciousness.

As the director behind the acclaimed documentary The Reality of Truth, Zappy won the Amsterdam Film Festival’s Van Gogh Award for Documentary Directing. The film features Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez along with Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Joel Osteen, and other thought leaders, and continues to inspire millions of people.

Zappy’s latest film, Lamar Odom: Reborn, follows the psychedelic intervention he facilitated for the basketball superstar using the breakthrough treatments of ketamine and ibogaine. His upcoming documentary, Frequency: The Future of Everything, stars visionaries Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce H. Lipton, Nassim Haramein, and other luminaries in the field of quantum physics sharing frequency-based solutions to many of the world’s greatest problems.

Zappy and his work have been featured widely in the media, including Forbes, Good Morning America, People Magazine, Business Insider, and more. Playboy Magazine called him, “the man who wants to change the world with psychedelics.” He is considered one of the foremost experts in psychedelic therapies and companies.

Zappy is often called on as a “psychedelic concierge” to help celebrities and business icons have a conscious transformation. Known as a visionary and investment guru, Zappy has been spotting trends for decades such as internet domain names, legal CBD and cannabis, and now the burgeoning psychedelic economy. He is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and events.

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