Industry Insights Series


O’Cannabiz Industry Insights – The Emergence of AGtech in the Cannabis Space

Are you considering using AI technology for your crop cultivation? Are you looking to change how you manage your everyday growing activities? Interested in gaining valuable insights from a global computer vision solutions company? Growers and LP’s, listen in on this engaging discussion that includes Fermata Tech, Mariwell, and a cannabis crop consultant and Integrated Pest Management expert. This O’Cannabiz Webinar panel will explore the benefits and setbacks from AI, how AI can improve the quality of the product, and why it is important to move into the future with AI in the cannabis industry.

Host – Av Singh, Cannabis Cultivation Advisor
Moderator – Bridget Hoffer, Co-Founder, Marigold Marketing & PR
Guy Gafini, Medical Cannabis Crop Consultant & Integrated Pest Management Expert
Keagan Waddell, Sales Executive, Fermata
Valeria Kogan, Founder, Fermata
Theresa Robert, VP of Finance, J.P. Mariwell Inc.


Proven Business Models for an Emerging Psychedelics Industry

In the last two years, dozens of approvals for psychedelic-assisted therapies have been approved for use by patients under the care of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical counsellors, social workers, general practitioners, and nurses. Specifically, psilocybin has been a molecule of interest that has been a focal point to these alternative treatments, with patient access that falls under a Section 56(1) exemption under Part J of the Food and Drugs Act. From a commercialization standpoint, what licence type is required to prepare a regulated compound such as psilocybin for patients and what specific activities can be performed? What are the site-specific requirements? What evidence do we have to show that controlled substances like psilocybin may follow a similar path towards medicinal use that cannabis has taken? What is the potential for business in psychedelic mushrooms within the applicable legislation and what aspects can be leveraged to further the rate of company success? All this and more will be covered in this informative session.


How to Deliver an Unforgettable Cannabis Retail Experience

Are you considering opening a cannabis retail store or looking to understand how to deliver a retail experience your customers won’t forget? Gain valuable insights from Canada’s top cannabis retail store owners and operators in this engaging discussion featuring Prairie Records Inc., Sessions Cannabis, Skye Cannabis Co., and Sticky Nuggz Inc. This panel will explore the current state of retail licensing and what perspective retailers should consider as they look at opening up cannabis retail stores.