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CanMar Recruitment

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CanMar Recruitment is a staffing firm dedicated to serving Canada’s cannabis industry. We provide high-quality recruitment and business solutions to government-approved, licensed cannabis retailers, producers and labs. We also help top-quality individuals seeking jobs find lucrative careers in the thriving cannabis industry.

Who are we?

CanMar Recruitment provides staffing and business solutions for Canada’s emerging cannabis industry. With a keen understanding of the current Canadian cannabis market, CanMar Recruitment can help both employers and job-seekers navigate the job market.

Founded in 2017, CanMar is ready to meet the rising demand, and connect professionals with careers tailored specifically to the cannabis sector. We believe in helping professionals and organizations achieve their goals. We take immense pride in assisting our clients to achieve their full potential. We are diligent in screening our candidates, uncovering what they are passionate about and especially skilled at before placing them with the right organization.

We believe that employee diversity is vital to the success of any business. An employee base with diverse social, cultural and professional backgrounds provides companies with a potential for increased productivity and a competitive advantage. Not only does workplace diversity increase employee morale, it promotes a more effective and efficient work environment.

Our Vision

With top-quality staff, an organization can rapidly reach its full potential and be successful. CanMar Recruitment is here to help our stakeholders flourish by providing consistent, collaborative recruitment. From start to finish, we offer an invaluable service to help both companies and individuals attain their business goals.

Our Values

Our values are part of who we are, they guide what we do, and define us as a company.

Integrity: When we are true to ourselves and honest in our relationships, there is no stopping our success.
No limits: Possibilities are endless when you are driven to succeed.
Positive Mindset:
 With the right mindset you can accomplish anything.
 We believe that you are only as good as your team, and thus by putting our heads together to achieve a goal, we know that ‘we’ is greater than ‘I’.



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January 23, 2020