Leafythings is Canada’s #1 Tech and Access Software for the Cannabis Industry!

Helping connect recreational and medical cannabis users to products, services and resources.

About Us 

Leafythings was founded in 2019 and the main goal is to allow ease of access for people in Canada to such a powerful game changing product. Leafythings understands the importance of helping educate and inform Canadians about access, dosage, strains, licensing and quality. In a challenging world were cannabis companies cannot advertise to get there products and services in front of the end users, Leafythings felt it was important to create a fair platform that allows cannabis based solutions for companies that want to reach a broader audience. Leafythings has a very strong belief that cannabis products can help improve the quality of people lives and we feel it is fundamentally important that people can access cannabis in an educated way.

Our Mission 

Leafythings mission is to help further the narrative around a fair and open cannabis market that has great quality products, fair pricing, effective dosages and ease of access. Empowering all those who believe in the value of cannabis-based products and services.

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April 5, 2020