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The Postmedia Network is one of Canada’s largest news networks. Our network gives you the benefit of exclusive access to an owned and operated advertising channel, as well as a wealth of first-party data that enables better campaign performance, not just on our network but on search and social channels as well. We understand the apprehensions about investing in marketing, and we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled performance transparency for our clients—understanding how your investment is impacting your business is only a call, email or click away.

Our intuitive client dashboard, Postmedia Hub, provides you 24/7 access to your marketing campaigns so you always understand how your campaigns are performing. Your account manager is readily available to review your progress, to discuss what’s working, what could be improved, and what to do next—our goal to maximize the impact of your investment in your business. Your success is our success.


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January 6, 2020