“From a business to consumer standpoint, it’s important to showcase the product. Traditional dispensaries are totally immersive experiences. A bud tender should tend to the bud, and not just hand you a package.”

Kevin Lee, ND Supplies, Title Sponsor of   O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo


“There are few celebrities in the cannabis world that would be more deserving of recognition than Tommy Chong” Through his body of work and through his activism, he has done so much to bring awareness and mainstream acceptability of cannabis.  As fellow Canadians, we have much to be thankful for.”

Neill Dixon,  President, O’Cannabiz Conference & Expo


In the days that followed legalization of cannabis in Canada there was demand, but no supply and nowhere to buy it. By November 2018, more than a year after the passage of the federal legislation, there were only 158 stores servicing the entire country. By November 2021, the picture had changed – there are now 2,700. Trends suggest the number could reach 3,700 by the need of this year.

The O’Canna Retail Summit & Expo was created in response to this unprecedented sales development. The Retail Summit & Expo is our first trade show exclusively devoted to the point-of-sale side of the cannabis industry. Whether you’re a business owner or a budtender, this event is for you!

Retail Zone Summit

A two-day business-dedicated training program

O’Cannabiz is assembling the best retail experts in the industry and creating a “retail school” that will advise on both the big picture and the smallest of details typically faced by established and aspiring retailers. Everything from best practices, customer service, merchandising, digital marketing, and essential business and technology needs in a 360-degree approach to retail.

The Retail Summit & Expo is focused on the needs and goals of cannabis retailers, medical dispensary operators and the businesses that service them, all without the distraction of the public consumer. In a period of phenomenal expansion, the Retail Summit and Retail Zone on the Expo Floor is the place to strengthen supply chain channels and solidify new business contacts. All products, services and know-how needed to open and maintain a successful cannabis retail operation will be on hand.

Retail Success Solutions, Networking & Education

  • 20+ educational sessions
  • Retail Zone on Expo Floor
  • Retail Best Practices
  • Loyalty Programs
  • 1:1 curated meetings with experts
  • Increasing Margins & Profits
  • Customer Service
  • Budtender Education
  • Merchandising
  • Business Service Providers
  • Technology
  • Inventory control
  • Security
  • and more!


  • Buyers
  • Business Services
  • Investors
  • Accessory suppliers
  • Display & interior designers
  • Budtenders
  • Licensed Producers
  • Regulators & Compliance
  • Recreational retail owners
  • Medical & dispensary owners
  • App & software developers


As we collectively envision and manifest a successful Canadian cannabis marketplace, we must also examine social responsibilities and concerns. Advocacy, social justice and equity, access to medical cannabis, and eliminating the persistent illicit market and access to minors are all important calls to action.


By bringing together those with expert qualifications and visionary creative minds, we aim to provide business owners with the solutions needed to dramatically increase profits at the retail level. In this rapidly evolving sector of the cannabis industry, a focus will be on modern commerce technology to deliver seamless customer service experiences; store environment and merchandising; ancillary add-on sales; buyer/supplier best practices; digital marketing; PPC strategies; retail data management; and the all-important customer retention programs in this often highly competitive marketplace.


• As an Attendee 

• As an Exhibitor

• As a Sponsor


  • VIP Business Conference

  • Networking Events

  • Retail Summit & Retail Zone

  • Psychedelic Summit

  • 2-Day Expo (100,000sq ft floor)

  • 3rd Annual O’Cannabiz Awards Dinner Gala


DAY 2: Retail Summit / Aviation B
June 2nd 2022

11:00 AM11:20 AM
Retail Summit
11:25 AM12:10 PM
Retail Summit
(Panel Discussion) Opening your own cannabis retail shop is a dream that's lived in the minds of many Canadians for decades, only now a possibility. Turning this dream into a reality is a complex regulatory guantlet, on top of the usual stressors of opening a brick-and-mortar retail location in any industry. Panelists will provide actionable insights into the critical period between deciding to open a cannabis store and the grand opening.

Moderator - Vivianne Wilson
12:15 PM12:45 PM
Retail Summit
(Presentation) Speed, agility, effective holistic branding: welcome to the world of cannabis dispensary design. There are 400 dispensaries operating in Toronto, despite the government’s regulatory hurdles and clients’ speed-to-market demands. There are competitive-edge learnings to be had from this sector, and these apply to the interior design industry as a whole, including regulation know-how, comprehensive branding practices, creating lasting brick-and-mortar-presences, even modular furniture design. Seven Point Interiors, a vertically integrated expert, shares its industry know-how.
12:50 PM1:35 PM
Retail Summit
Without access to traditional marketing tools, consumer engagement with the cannabis industry is almost entirely through direct interactions with budtenders and retail workers. Speakers will discuss challenges, opportunities, surprises and disappointments on the front lines of the industry.

Moderator - Casey Hiltemann
1:40 PM2:25 PM
Retail Summit
(Panel Discussion) Nearly half of the history of legal cannabis in Canada is shadowed by a pandemic that forced global retail to adapt. Speakers will explore what pandemic trends and services will remain, like curb-side pick-up and delivery, while discussing the impact of a pandemic on a nascent industry. Moderator - Shahbaaz Kara-Virani
2:30 PM3:15 PM
Retail Summit
(Panel Discussion) Farmgate was a hot topic after the first few opened within a few months of each other. Since then, we haven't heard much on the initiative. Speakers discuss the viability and potential models, by province, for LPs to sell directly to consumers - without prohibitive red tape. Moderator - Dario Jeginovic
3:20 PM3:50 PM
Retail Summit
(Panel Discussion) Speakers will explore what makes craft 'craft', and why it's important to both the industry and consumers. A discussion on certifications and thresholds for maintaining the craft designation, along with how government and regulators can facilitate more craft producers. Moderator - Dean Jessop
3:55 PM4:25 PM
Retail Summit
(Panel Discussion) Beyond THC:CBD, and 'indica or sativa,' lies a new domain of rarely commercialized cannabinoids and sophisticated terpenes that remains obscured to the average consumer. Panelists will discuss what we do know about terpenes, and what we don't know yet - along with their future as consumer decision making factors. Moderator - Craig Penstone
DAY 2: Retail / Budtender Stage Expo Floor
June 2nd 2022

11:00 AM11:15 AM
Retail & Budtender Stage
11:15 AM12:00 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) After millions of transactions for legal cannabis in Canada, some are finally starting to put all that data to use. Online ordering during the pandemic opening the door to sophisticated tracking, while clubs and loyalty programs follow consumers wherever they are. Panelists explore the challenges and successes of big data. Moderator - Graydon Welbourn
12:05 PM12:50 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) In a crowded retail environment, it can be a struggle for brands to stand out, especially amidst strict marketing regulations. Panelists explore new techniques and strategies that create a memorable and lasting impression on potential consumers, and methods used to capture attention among plentiful choice. Moderator - Krista Raymer
12:55 PM1:40 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) With CBD products locked behind dispensary doors, the line between adult-use and medical cannabis has blurred. Panelists explore how budtenders deal with medical questions, how and when to talk to a specialist, and the implications for confusion and overlap between wellness and medical applications. Moderator - Carole Chan
1:45 PM2:30 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) While Canada avoided the perils of cash-only businesses, quirks in the Cannabis act seem to have unintended consequences. With window covers leading to an uptick in cannabis robberies - new calls have emerged to rethink how cannabis retail locations can maintain their safety and security. Moderator - David Hyde
2:35 PM3:20 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
Two giants of Canadian retail sit down for an amicable chat about the challenges that come with scaling dozens of retail locations from coast to coast, and the unique challenge of adapt a brand to different markets and consumer bases.
3:25 PM4:10 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) Canada went from illicit dealers and compassion clubs to brick-and-mortar retail in the blink of an eye. However, a large part of consumers continue to shop on legacy markets, forcing a consideration on how cannabis retail will evolve in Canada to meet the needs and preferences of the 'unconverted'. Moderator - Lisa Campbell
4:15 PM5:00 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) How private retailers cultivate a community and adapt to their unique, local clientele. Panelists will discuss how they work with local stakeholders and community members to ensure they're providing the best service to their customers. Moderator - Shahbaaz Kara-Virani
DAY 3: Retail / Budtender Stage Expo Floor
June 3rd 2022

11:00 AM11:45 AM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) With over 1000 retail storefronts in Ontario alone, consumers are spoiled for choice before they even walk through a door. Speakers will discuss options and strategies available to retailers that will set them apart from the crowd and ensure unique value propositions are effectively communicated. Moderator - Tracy Ho
11:50 AM12:35 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
Hear directly from the frontlines of the cannabis industry - budtenders are the lifeline between your product and customers. Speakers will explore what catches their attention, and discuss sales tactics that get your brand noticed by the people that matter most.

Moderator - Katie Pringle
12:40 PM1:25 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) Like any retail setting, there will always be difficult customers. Cannabis has some unique characteristics that has the potential to result in distance between consumer and retailer. Speakers will discuss the tools and tips available to budtenders and retail team-members. Moderator - Sarah Seale
1:30 PM2:10 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) Brick and mortar retail locations always carry risk - cannabis included. Given the strict nature of regulations, the industry has adapted to unique challenges. These speakers will explore risk management and mitigation strategies, along with insurance options. Moderator - Jay Rosenthal
2:15 PM3:00 PM
Retail & Budtender Stage
(Panel Discussion) The mandate upon legalization in Canada was to combat the illicit market. The 'problem' has not gone away and speakers will discuss current and past actions and tactics that attempt to lure consumers from the illicit space. Moderator - Jay Rosenthal