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9:00 AM9:05 AM
Day Host - Jay Rosenthal
9:05 AM9:15 AM
9:15 AM10:00 AM
(Panel Discussion) A high-level overview of current affairs and important mid- to long-term trends. Panelists will discuss tools and approaches for stability amidst frequent changes, and drivers for longterm growth and sustainability. Moderator - Sarah Seale
10:00 AM10:45 AM
(Panel Discussion) Panelists will provide a Canadian perspective on international markets, from a first-hand perspective. Insights for Canadian exportation of expertise will be explored. New markets being discussed are the USA, Mexico and Europe.

Moderator - Allan Rewak
10:45 AM11:00 AM
Brought To You By: Delta9Pak

    11:00 AM11:45 AM
    (Panel Discussion) Acknowledging the social history and contribution from human capital, these panelists discuss 'people first' strategies that provide long-term success. CSR and human resources approaches that elevate employees. Why asking & Answering the "why" first is the key to an organization's success.

    Moderator - Jeff Ord
    11:45 AM12:10 PM
    (Fireside Chat) A look to the future of cannabis from the people who were there at the beginning. Join some of the originals, or OGs, as they discuss where they think Canadian cannabis is heading.

    Moderator - Michaela Freedman
    12:10 PM12:50 PM
    12:50 PM1:35 PM
    (Panel Discussion) It can be a challenge getting noticed, but product innovations are creating entirely new categories and catching eyes from across the room. Concepts are being borrowed from traditional CPG industries to refresh and invigorate a market that can feel repetitive. Moderator - Samantha Roman
    1:35 PM2:20 PM
    (Panel Discussion) Considerations for going public - before, during and after. Hear from panelists that have recently hit the markets or currently lead them, and close watchers of the Canadian cannabis investment scenes and risk landscapes. Moderator - Tom Zuber
    2:20 PM3:05 PM

    • Steve DeAngelo
      Founder, Last Prisoner Project, The Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry
    3:05 PM3:50 PM
    (Panel Discussion) Answering the big question: Was it worth it? Panelists recount their journeys from legacy to legal, along with the pros and cons from operating in the legal space. Speakers will provide insights from the legacy domain and highlight specific hurdles that may discourage others. Moderator - Lisa Campbell
    3:50 PM4:00 PM
      4:00 PM4:15 PM
      (Presentation) Cannabis and cryptocurrencies may seem like strange bedfellows, but they’ve collided in new and interesting ways. Largely driven by challenges in accessing banking and capital, cryptocurrency has arisen as an option for operators in the cannabis space. Along with exploring options available to operators, Dean will discuss the ability to back cryptocurrency with real assets.
      4:15 PM4:45 PM
      4:45 PM5:30 PM
      6:15 PM11:00 PM
      *Separate Ticketed Event*

      Offsite Location: Casa Loma, Toronto
      (Casa Loma, 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto M5R 1X8)

      6:15 PM Cocktail Reception
      7:00 PM Dinner & Awards Gala
      9:00 PM – 11:00 PM After Party  
      • Jerry Dee
        Gerry Dee
        Comedian/Actor, Host of O'Cannabiz Awards


      8:30 AM10:00 AM
      Ticketed Breakfast
      (Separate Ticketed Event) We’re living in unprecedented times in the Canadian cannabis industry, which continues to prove challenging to navigate. A significant number of licensed cannabis companies are, in one form or another, being forced to restructure their business to succeed, and even to survive. Unfortunately, many cannabis companies fail to act early enough to stave off escalating business/financial challenges. This panel will focus on key problem areas faced by the Canadian cannabis sector (i.e., financial, commercial, operational), but will go beyond the problems to focus on solutions through the eyes of panelists who have lived and breathed change management and restructuring within the cannabis industry. This is a must-attend panel for any serious cannabis business leader or investor! Moderator - David Hyde
      10:00 AM10:30 AM
      Main Stage
      If anybody could be called a drug war veteran, it’s Tommy Chong. The Canadian half of the legendary pot comedians Cheech & Chong, he earned his stripes during the Bush administration when he was targeted by federal authorities and jailed for nine months for “selling drug paraphernalia across state lines,” (a.k.a. mailing promotional “Chong bongs” to fans). Post-prison, Tommy’s remained in the public eye, reuniting for appearances with Cheech Marin, competing to the quarter-finals of Dancing with the Stars, and publicly announcing his cancer diagnosis and becoming an activist for hemp oil therapy. After a half-century, he remains pot’s funniest proponent, and he’s here to tell his story in this Fireside Chat.
      10:00 AM10:30 AM
      Psychedelic Summit
      David Mokler, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology at the University of New England, Advisor at HAVNlife and consultant at BoveLabs. He has a dual Doctorate in Pharmacology/ Toxicology and Neurosciences, and his research in the lab of Richard Rech focused on the role of serotonin in the behavioral effects of psychedelic drugs. Their work was some of the earliest to show that psychedelics such as LSD and mescaline worked through 5-HT2 receptors. David believes that the psychedelic revolution has (finally) arrived; he will provide a 'Psychedelics 101' that dives beyond the headline news and explores the multi-faceted components that make psychedelic medicines unique. He will discuss the advances that have been made in the 40 years since his early work, and what remains to be uncovered to truly unlock the power and potential of a new breed of therapies and compounds.

      • David Mokler
        Professor Emeritus, University of New England, HAVNlife and BoveLabs
      10:35 AM11:20 AM
      Main Stage
      (Panel Discussion) Education as a compliant outreach activity has filled the marketing void in the Canadian industry. Speakers will explore how brands and organizations both train and promote through education and outreach, while providing a service to the Canadian public. Moderator - Alison McMahon
      10:35 AM11:20 AM
      Psychedelic Summit
      (Panel Discussion) In Canada, there is only a handful of clinical trials using psilocybin mushrooms, with some of the few unable to host their trials due to the complexity of working with natural mushrooms. Meanwhile, the USA maintains nearly 100 open and ongoing clinical trials, all with synthetic psilocybin. Clearly no coincidence, policy frameworks are the field in which research and operations are feasible. The clinical trial landscape is only one example of operations dictated by policy that pervade the highly-regulated study of psychedelic substances globally.

      Moderator - Dario Jeginovic
      11:00 AM11:20 AM
      Retail Summit
      11:00 AM11:15 AM
      Retail & Budtender Stage
      11:15 AM12:00 PM
      Retail & Budtender Stage
      (Panel Discussion) After millions of transactions for legal cannabis in Canada, some are finally starting to put all that data to use. Online ordering during the pandemic opening the door to sophisticated tracking, while clubs and loyalty programs follow consumers wherever they are. Panelists explore the challenges and successes of big data. Moderator - Graydon Welbourn
      11:25 AM12:10 PM
      Main Stage
      (Panel Discussion) Banking remains challenging for cannabis companies, with traditional funding options out of reach and large banks shutting the door. Private financing comes with different levels of risk and guidance. Speakers will discuss options for cashflow in an industry that struggles to profit.
      11:25 AM12:10 PM
      Retail Summit
      (Panel Discussion) Opening your own cannabis retail shop is a dream that's lived in the minds of many Canadians for decades, only now a possibility. Turning this dream into a reality is a complex regulatory guantlet, on top of the usual stressors of opening a brick-and-mortar retail location in any industry. Panelists will provide actionable insights into the critical period between deciding to open a cannabis store and the grand opening.

      Moderator - Vivianne Wilson
      11:25 AM12:00 PM
      Psychedelic Summit
      (Fireside Discussion) Clinical trials are the crown jewels of companies that research compounds and therapies at the forefront of health innovation. Sabrina Ramkellawan, President of the Clinical Research Association of Canada and COO and Co-Founder of the Knowde Group, sits down with Dr. Roger McIntyre, a Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at the University of Toronto and Head of the Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology Unit at the University Health Network, Toronto, Canada. He has been involved in over 750 published research endeavours centered around the treatment of mental health disorders and is also the lead author of the International Expert Opinion on the Available Evidence and Implementation of Ketamine and Esketamine in Mood Disorders, published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in March 2021. Dr. McIntyre is the CEO and Chairmain of Braxia Scientific, currently conducting the first-ever Health Canada-approved, multi-dose psilocybin clinical trial.

      Moderator - Sabrina Ramkellawan
      12:05 PM12:50 PM
      Retail & Budtender Stage
      (Panel Discussion) In a crowded retail environment, it can be a struggle for brands to stand out, especially amidst strict marketing regulations. Panelists explore new techniques and strategies that create a memorable and lasting impression on potential consumers, and methods used to capture attention among plentiful choice.
      12:05 PM12:30 PM
      Psychedelic Summit
      (Presentation) In the last two years, dozens of approvals for psychedelic-assisted therapies have been approved for use by patients under the care of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical counsellors, social workers, general practitioners, and nurses. Specifically, psilocybin has been a molecule of interest that has been a focal point to these alternative treatments, with patient access that falls under a Section 56(1) exemption under Part J of the Food and Drugs Act. From a commercialization standpoint, what licence type is required to prepare a regulated compound such as psilocybin for patients and what specific activities can be performed? What are the site-specific requirements? What evidence do we have to show that controlled substances like psilocybin may follow a similar path towards medicinal use that cannabis has taken? What is the potential for business in psychedelic mushrooms within the applicable legislation and what aspects can be leveraged to further the rate of company success? All this and more will be covered in this informative session.

        Brought To You By: CannDelta

      12:15 PM12:45 PM
      Main Stage
      (Presentation) First Nations communities were largely excluded from the Cannabis Act, with challenging and dangerous consequences. Hear from the perspective of those at the forefront of Indigenous-owned and operated cannabis in Canada, and how they see a path forward.

      • Erin Bell
        Public Relations/ACMPR, AKI Wellness

      • Josee Bourgeois
        Brand Development Manager for AKI Wellness, Community Engagement Manager for Sweetgrass Trading, AKI Wellness
      12:15 PM12:45 PM
      Retail Summit
      (Presentation) Speed, agility, effective holistic branding: welcome to the world of cannabis dispensary design. There are 400 dispensaries operating in Toronto, despite the government’s regulatory hurdles and clients’ speed-to-market demands. There are competitive-edge learnings to be had from this sector, and these apply to the interior design industry as a whole, including regulation know-how, comprehensive branding practices, creating lasting brick-and-mortar-presences, even modular furniture design. Seven Point Interiors, a vertically integrated expert, shares its industry know-how.
      12:35 PM1:00 PM
      Psychedelic Summit
      (Presentation) Standardization is the key to consistency and profitability. Six sigma and lean manufacturing methods drive psychedelic companies towards these improvements. The principles work together to reduce waste and improve productivity through a framework that continually drives value. Combining lean principles and six sigma in psychedelics record keeping can lead to stress free audits and ultimately reduced organizational risks. Understand the pitfalls of traditional record keeping methods and how teams can overcome them.
      12:50 PM1:35 PM
      Main Stage
      (Panel Discussion) The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario released a report in March that served up both clarification and consternation. Expert panelists will weigh in on the new rules and clarifications, reading between the lines to provide actionable responses to those who operate in Ontario. Moderator - Fern Glowinsky
      12:50 PM1:35 PM
      Retail Summit
      Without access to traditional marketing tools, consumer engagement with the cannabis industry is almost entirely through direct interactions with budtenders and retail workers. Speakers will discuss challenges, opportunities, surprises and disappointments on the front lines of the industry.

      Moderator - Casey Hiltemann
      12:55 PM1:40 PM
      Retail & Budtender Stage
      (Panel Discussion) With CBD products locked behind dispensary doors, the line between adult-use and medical cannabis has blurred. Panelists explore how budtenders deal with medical questions, how and when to talk to a specialist, and the implications for confusion and overlap between wellness and medical applications.
      1:40 PM2:25 PM
      Retail Summit
      (Panel Discussion) Nearly half of the history of legal cannabis in Canada is shadowed by a pandemic that forced global retail to adapt. Speakers will explore what pandemic trends and services will remain, like curb-side pick-up and delivery, while discussing the impact of a pandemic on a nascent industry. Moderator - Shahbaaz Kara-Virani
      1:40 PM2:25 PM
      Main Stage
      As the frontline for the consumer, budtenders get to engage consumers and the feedback they receive is vital to product development for producers. What do the consumers want in a package, we will explore this topic during this panel. Brought To You By: ND Supplies  
      1:45 PM2:30 PM
      Retail & Budtender Stage
      (Panel Discussion) While Canada avoided the perils of cash-only businesses, quirks in the Cannabis act seem to have unintended consequences. With window covers leading to an uptick in cannabis robberies - new calls have emerged to rethink how cannabis retail locations can maintain their safety and security. Moderator - David Hyde
      2:00 PM4:30 PM
      Budtenders facilitate direct interactions with consumers every day, making suggestions and gaining valuable feedback. Brands & LPs have the opportunity to get priceless facetime with a cohort of diverse budtenders; to get feedback directly from those on the frontlines of our industry. This unique event uses a 'speed dating' model, to ensure participants make the most of their time. Be sure to prepare your best quick pitch and burning questions!
        2:00 PM2:45 PM
        Psychedelic Summit
        (Panel Discussion) A panacea. A 'silver bullet'. A 'miracle cure'. Complicated concepts are often simplified for the masses via headlines and television segments. Given the outsized impact on mental health over the past few years, new and innovative interventions are lauded as a 'solution' to our collective struggles. Regardless of the effectiveness of psychedelic medicines, there remains a litany of hurdles and challenges confronting a full roll-out of a 'psychedelic revolution.' Panelists will explore the potential of psychedelic medicines and the limitations that hold us back, both currently and in the future. Speakers will also discuss aspects of sustainability as the industry grows and evolves to meet the needs of both patients and wellness-seekers. Moderator - Courtney Barnes
        2:30 PM3:15 PM
        Retail Summit
        (Panel Discussion) Farmgate was a hot topic after the first few opened within a few months of each other. Since then, we haven't heard much on the initiative. Speakers discuss the viability and potential models, by province, for LPs to sell directly to consumers - without prohibitive red tape.

        Moderator - Dario Jeginovic
        2:30 PM3:15 PM
        Main Stage
        (Panel Discussion) Given the history associated with cannabis, initiatives that drive diversity and inclusion are all the more needed in the industry. Speakers will explore the goals and strategies of CSR and ESG, and how they're being implemented in Canadian cannabis, and elsewhere. Moderator - Jennifer Caldwell
        2:35 PM3:20 PM
        Retail & Budtender Stage
        Two giants of Canadian retail sit down for an amicable chat about the challenges that come with scaling dozens of retail locations from coast to coast, and the unique challenge of adapt a brand to different markets and consumer bases.
        2:50 PM3:35 PM
        Psychedelic Summit
        (Panel Discussion) 'In 1955, R. Gordon Wasson, and his wife Valentina, both passionate mycology enthusiasts, visited María Sabina, a Mazatec curandera, who lived in Huautla de Jiménez, where Gordon Wasson participated in a velada, or healing sacred mushroom ceremony.' A photo-essay of the experience published in LIFE magazine in 1957 began the Western World's relationship with psychedelic medicine. 'Seeking the Magic Mushroom' changed the west's orientation to psychedelic medicine. Decades later, organisms and chemicals, approaches and processes, are being developed from centuries of cultural heritage. Panelists discuss the importance of this heritage, how and where it can and should be maintained, the acknowledgement and recognition of indigenous practices, and the translation of these practices into modern therapies.

        Moderator - Amanda Siebert
        3:20 PM3:50 PM
        Retail Summit
        (Panel Discussion) Speakers will explore what makes craft 'craft', and why it's important to both the industry and consumers. A discussion on certifications and thresholds for maintaining the craft designation, along with how government and regulators can facilitate more craft producers. Moderator - Dean Jessop
        3:25 PM4:10 PM
        Main Stage
        Chef Pat Newton & Football superstar Justin Renfrow are going to put the blaze in their signature smoked jalapeño bangers! Stuffed peppers, rolled in a kief dry rub and wrapped in bacon. Glazed with our red eye bbq sauce.
        3:25 PM4:10 PM
        Retail & Budtender Stage
        (Panel Discussion) Canada went from illicit dealers and compassion clubs to brick-and-mortar retail in the blink of an eye. However, a large part of consumers continue to shop on legacy markets, forcing a consideration on how cannabis retail will evolve in Canada to meet the needs and preferences of the 'unconverted'. Moderator - Jay Rosenthal
        3:25 PM4:20 PM
        Retail & Budtender Stage
        (Panel Discussion) How private retailers cultivate a community and adapt to their unique, local clientele. Panelists will discuss how they work with local stakeholders and community members to ensure they're providing the best service to their customers.

        Moderator - Shahbaaz Kara-Virani
        3:45 PM5:00 PM
        Psychedelic Summit
        Lamar Odom has always been a trailblazer. In his new documentary, Reborn, he invites us to observe his personal healing journey as he bravely explores several different cutting-edge treatments to heal PTSD, anxiety, and addiction. After losing his infant son, Lamar fell into patterns of addiction that eventually led to a terrifying overdose. He was comatose for several days, suffering 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks. When he recovered, he realized he needed to take drastic action to reclaim his life. In this intimate portrait, witness Lamar break free from destructive patterns and needless suffering. The film highlights Lamar’s journey, guided by psychedelic concierge and film director Zappy Zapolin, as he implements therapies such as ketamine, ibogaine, plant medicines, and daily practices. His brave healing journey role models a powerful path of evolution, towards a life that is truly worth living. The film is followed by a digital question period attended by Zappy and producer, Kaia Roman. Host - Patrick Moher

        • Kaia Roman
          Bestselling Author, Mindfulness Instructor, & Psychedelic Entrepreneur, Documentary Producer

        • Zappy Zapolin
          Futurist, Entrepreneur, and Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker, Filmmaker
        3:55 PM4:25 PM
        Retail Summit
        (Panel Discussion) Beyond THC:CBD, and 'indica or sativa,' lies a new domain of rarely commercialized cannabinoids and sophisticated terpenes that remains obscured to the average consumer. Panelists will discuss what we do know about terpenes, and what we don't know yet - along with their future as consumer decision making factors. Moderator - Craig Penstone
        4:15 PM5:00 PM
        Main Stage
        (Panel Discussion) New cannabis brands rarely have a clear path to market, with a likelihood for delays and unforeseen issues. Panelists explore the highs and lows of bringing a brand from an idea to retail shelves in Canada, with a designated question period at the end. Moderator - Gord Nichol
        5:00 PM5:45 PM
        Main Stage
        Inside many plants are fragrant little molecules called terpenes that the plants manufacture and utilize as weapons. These are directly or indirectly discharged with the eradication of the dreaded herbivore in mind. So, terpenes can cause destruction of things that can harm the plant, but serendipitously, they can also annihilate things that can harm us such as cancer, parasites, mosquitoes, viruses, and fungi. Terpenes can reduce anxiety and inflammation, can cause an uplift in one's mood, enable another molecule to work better such as a cannabinoid or drug, or impart wonderful nostalgias of places, people, and other remembrances from the past. Terpenes portray molecular lines of communication, not only from plant to plant, and plant to carnivorous insect, but also from insect to insect, such as with precious, vital honeybees.
        Therefore, the terpenes within cannabis need to be captured at a minimum during extraction for readdition to concentrates, foods and beverages, and topicals. Or they can be captured and refined using eco-friendly methods that scale alongside the mushrooming needs of the global industry. This is where Thar Process comes in, and this talk will tell you all about why terpenes make sense, and how Thar can help make your perfumed dreams a reality.

        • Jason Lupoi
          Director of Laboratory Operations, Thar Process
        6:00 PM7:30 PM
        Featuring a live performance by The Legendary Wailers and our first Terpene Cup Challenge brought to you by Seven Point Interiors. Open to all delegate pass types. Brought To You By: Marigold Marketing & PR  

          DAY 3:  CONFERENCE & EXPO

          8:30 AM10:45 AM
          Ticketed Breakfast
          *Separate Ticketed Event* (Forum & Fireside Sessions)

          A Balanced Breakfast is a Primer for Canadian Cannabis businesses/organizations, Owners, Management & HR Professionals addressing Diversity Equity Inclusivity - DEI - in the Canadian cannabis regime.

          We’re bringing valuable information for all levels of management interested and supportive of Diversity and Social/Gender Equity initiatives. Our speakers include leading and influential women and men in cannabis sharing how DEI initiatives can help advance cannabis business and the industry. CWIC is proud to host and facilitate the Breakfast Forum & Fireside Sessions and support awareness and discussion of these important topics.

          Doing the right thing and accepting Corporate Social Responsibility as a reality of doing business is the only clear path forward.  The imbalances that exist in this industry and many others must be addressed, and through informed presentations and discussions.

          Ika Washington will present Diversity Talk, followed by several other highly respected cannabis industry expert speakers, all of whom will unpack DEI from a global perspective while presenting attainable goals and forward thinking solutions.

          Presenting research from Akwasi Owusu-Bempah, PhD, University of Toronto, to highlight Canadian issues, barriers, and solutions to show cannabis companies how DEI can benefit businesses both financially and in the public eye, regardless of size.

          Providing participants with useful information and resources to learn and pursue DEI in their organizations and businesses.  Welcome all conference attendees & cannabis community representatives.

          Hosted By: Canadian Women in Cannabis (CWIC), Founder, Donna Johannson & CWIC Team  

          11:00 AM11:45 AM
          Main Stage
          (Panel Discussion) Legalization was only the beginning. Ongoing government relations is integral to improving any industry, let alone one that is as stigmatized and misunderstood as cannabis. From municipal to federal, panelists provide insight on successful government relations and lobbying. Moderator - Dr. Lucas McCann
          11:00 AM11:45 AM
          Retail & Budtender Stage
          (Panel Discussion) With over 1000 retail storefronts in Ontario alone, consumers are spoiled for choice before they even walk through a door. Speakers will discuss options and strategies available to retailers that will set them apart from the crowd and ensure unique value propositions are effectively communicated. Moderator - Tracy Ho
          11:50 AM12:35 PM
          Retail & Budtender Stage
          Hear directly from the frontlines of the cannabis industry - budtenders are the lifeline between your product and customers. Speakers will explore what catches their attention, and discuss sales tactics that get your brand noticed by the people that matter most.

          Moderator - Katie Pringle
          11:50 AM12:15 PM
          Main Stage
          (Presentation) In many respects, the cannabis industry is now just coming on-line into full facility care cleaning. Facility care has been happening for decades now and occurs in areas like Pharma & Food product producing facilities, as well as Hospitals and Long Term Care facilities where pathogens and words like nosocomial are well understood. Much of what has been learned in the cleaning industry is tried and true and we’ve come to know what we now know, largely through failure, so our ambition is to disseminate some failure avoidance principals and focus on the business of cleaning, to support the business of cannabis on the following themes:

          • Broad Facility Care Discussion
          • IPA – Potential Health and Environmental Risk
          • Danger in the workplace - Multi-faceted discussion - Worker and Environment
          • WHMIS, as it relates to the worker and Cannabis production facilities
          • Green Cleaning and GreenGuard Gold certification for cleaning chemicals used indoors
          • Production - Equipment to task as opposed to labour to task
          • Training - Specific to facility care knowledge
          • Building Service Contractors - Their place in the cannabis industry

          • Mike Watt
            Application Expert, Diversey Canada
          12:00 PM2:30 PM
          With a crowded market, it can be challenging for brands to get noticed, let alone picked up for sale. This unique opportunity gives brands & LPs facetime with retail decision makers, from mom & pop shops to the bigger players, and everyone in between. These one-on-one meetings give brands and LPs a chance to make a lasting first impression.
            12:20 PM1:05 PM
            Main Stage
            (Panel Discussion) As the industry expands, more roles require filling - from seed to sale. Speakers will explore best practices for entering the industry or moving within it, along with chatting about training and certifications. Panelists will have a designated question period at the end. Moderator - Mike Boon
            12:40 PM1:25 PM
            Retail & Budtender Stage
            (Panel Discussion) Like any retail setting, there will always be difficult customers. Cannabis has some unique characteristics that has the potential to result in distance between consumer and retailer. Speakers will discuss the tools and tips available to budtenders and retail team-members. Moderator - Sarah Seale
            1:15 PM1:55 PM
            Main Stage
            1:30 PM2:10 PM
            Retail & Budtender Stage
            (Panel Discussion) Brick and mortar retail locations always carry risk - cannabis included. Given the strict nature of regulations, the industry has adapted to unique challenges. These speakers will explore risk management and mitigation strategies, along with insurance options.
            2:00 PM2:10 PM
            Main Stage
            Interviewer - Amanda Siebert
            2:15 PM3:00 PM
            Main Stage
            (Panel Discussion) A discussion that highlights the reasons why the medical system remains challenged and challenging. From patients to cannabis doctors, panelists will explore opportunities and successes in medical cannabis from diverse perspectives.

            Moderator - Max Monahan-Ellison
            2:15 PM3:00 PM
            Retail & Budtender Stage
            (Panel Discussion) The mandate upon legalization in Canada was to combat the illicit market. The 'problem' has not gone away and speakers will discuss current and past actions and tactics that attempt to lure consumers from the illicit space. Moderator - Jay Rosenthal