Mon. Nov 20th, 2023

Canada has become the second country in the world and the first G7 country to fully legalize cannabis for recreational use. From now on, all Canadian citizens over the age of 18 can buy, sell, store and even grow marijuana at home. However, there is a caveat: you can store up to 30 grams and grow no more than four cannabis plants.

Proponents say the new situation will help deal with the black market. Canada was already the country with the highest rate of marijuana use, especially among young people. Canadians spent 5.7 billion Canadian dollars ($4.6 billion) on the drug in 2017, and only a small fraction of the total was purchased for medicinal purposes.

Canadians bought up all the imported marijuana in stores in a couple of days. The authorities did not suspect that the demand for it would be so great. After the law on the legalization of marijuana came into force, the stores in Canada bought up all the drug in just a few days, reports the Independent.

The queues from those wishing to buy cannabis were so long that the police patrolled the places of its realization and calmed those who did not get it.

The head of the state program for the legalization of marijuana Bill Blair stressed that Canada did not succeed in meeting the demand of citizens, and not enough marijuana was brought to the stores.

It is known that the girl sold 30 boxes of cookies in line for the drug.

Recall, on October 17 in Canada began to operate the law on the legalization of cannabis. The country became the second country in the world after Uruguay and the first country of the “G7”, where you can freely sell and purchase marijuana.

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